Saturday, September 15, 2007

Party at the Teacher's House!

By all other accounts we'd expected to be leaving early from this party: "tiny house, lots of people", "mini-rave", "kiddie-rave", wild disco dancing with "DJ Al" ... erm ... they all sounded happy but it didn't really seem like the family events we normally enjoy. Of course you know we were totally wrong.

There was a wonderful assortment of delicious foods for all palates and lifestyles (including gluten-free!), a joyful (shall we say, practically giddy) atmosphere, and of course a collection of like-minded people. And DJ Al managed indeed to make a mini-disco, with nearly no effort taken in involving literally 90% of the kids. They danced their hearts out in the free, happy, and respectful way that we've come to see is just part of Learning Centre life. There was no competition; no exclusion -- only joy. When our own kids were floppy in our arms (they were 1/2 of the 10% not dancing) we tried to take them home, but both refused to go, preferring instead to sit and watch the dancing. So we tried to teach them the seated Macarena.

Sometime I know this honeymoon has to end, but for now...
What other school has a party at the head-teacher's house to kick off every year!?

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