Monday, September 24, 2007

Mama All Mushy

I am just sitting here reveling in my new and wonderful life. I haven't decided yet how emotional this blog is going to be, and for that reason the post about today's events was pretty devoid of feeling. But somewhere the cold reporting has to give -- hey, I'm an emotional person, and we're just into a Pisces moon.

Last year I started writing again, not for money, but simply because I felt so empty in the daily routine of driving kids around to all their activities, trying to stay involved in various community groups, being a station-wagon-Mama with never the time to walk anywhere for all the engagements we had, and trying to keep the house going between it all. The list of what I was interested in learning just grew and grew, until things dropped off the end and the list was devoured by the timeless necroses that seemed to encroach all of my pursuits, those days. Note the past tense?

Yep. "Those days" are done. I haven't written poetry or fiction or made a serious piece of art in months, because I didn't have the time, and my "writing days" were eaten up by life and our too-crazy schedule. It was just starting to get to me, about the time the school-year began, and then... the nagging feeling vanished! I now have motivation to bring my kids with me on my adventures -- I now have motivation for adventures! The kids are getting old enough that we find many mutual interests, and hey, since so many of their friends are in school, there's no hectic play-date schedule to keep up with! Yes, we still have lots to do - more even than before - and I've lost touch with my dearest friends, for lack of time to visit. But on the weekdays, where the kids and I have freedom to do ANYTHING we feel inspired by, we have shared beautiful, happy times, more fulfilling than I could have dreamed. This is the good life! I feel so full -- so utterly inspired -- that although I've not been writing or making art, I am working out my artistic frustrations by documenting my family's journey. Wow, this life is beautiful!

The bright laughing muse is dancing, today. Happy full moon!

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  1. Well I'm happy you're here so that I can not only read about your wonderful world, but so that I can comment on it too :p


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