Wednesday, March 7, 2012

New Blogs of Loved Ones!

Here I present two beautiful new blogs for you to peruse (and seriously, this blog's not gone -- I'll get the photos into all belated posts and post them here soon -- I promise!!!).

The Wet Edge:
"The Wet Edge" refers to the most-recently-brushed edge of wet varnish - a point of high concentration (zen??) when applying the seemingly infinite layers of varnish to the bright-work of a boat. Watch as our very dear friends Suki, Jon, Kai and Hunter travel down the west coast on their 44' sailboat. They've pulled the kids out of school and are fully life-learning, now. And this amazing adventure is just the way to do it. It's a fabulous read, so far, and they've only just begun!

The Economy of Joy:
Basically this is Rhiannon's new term for a gift-economy.
I can hardly express how proud I am of my daughter for her blog! She not only conceived of this idea herself, but has put enormous effort into researching, studying, inventing, and expressing her many discoveries and ideas on the topic. With a little guidance from me on how to set up a blog, she set it up, designed it, and conceived and made every part of it herself. Now all I do is watch the posts come in!
In some ways it's obviously the blog of a 7-year-old, but it's heartwarming to see her positive outlook to a peaceful future for humanity, and her ideas (both collected and invented by her) are encouraging for all of us.