Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Recent Wild Art Adventures

We've been mixing up various games with wilderness adventuring and art adventuring (indoor and outdoor), as usual. The kids seem to have developed nice relationships, and our Wild Art Tuesdays are delightful!

To the right, the kids were trying on a big felt mask. This group has decided they'd like to make felt masks... As soon as I've rounded up all the supplies we will begin!

Tali (my son) was feeling miserable and tired, and did not to come to Wild Art last week. So the rest of the group created protest signs and marched straight up to, around, and eventually into the house to get him out to join us. He was pleased!

...taking advantage of a sudden heavy rainshower to run out and get soaking wet...

Book corner!

These days the mushrooms are going crazy! Today the older group spent the entire four hours exploring the forest, finding amazing mushrooms, and creating various concoctions, a game of mushroom harvesters, wholesalers and retailers (the things they come up with often surprise me!), and enjoying the enchanted feel of the autumn-slanted sun through the trees.

Making an inedible stew in a bucket! This came with some beautiful inedible side-dishes served on leaves.

...working on the stew inside the forest fort...

Various customers shopping at Tali's mushroom emporium.

This is where the game got very serious. In the background you can see the kids shopping at wholesalers', harvesting, and selling to each other, as well. Currency was "dollars" made of cedar leaves, fern leaves, and moss clumps, some of which were far more valuable than others (as in: "This costs either one clump of moss and a cedar leaf, or 20 fern leaves, or... way too many cedar leaves by themselves").

slugs and pet supplies in the pet shop

Ah! To do business in the great outdoors!

Beautiful mushrooms in the "50-cents-to-a-dollar" pile.

Some rather more expensive mushrooms.

The "so-expensive-you-can't-afford-them" pile.

Wow. Cool mushroom.

Harvesting a sample from each species clump.

Seriously... the beauty out there in the woods is a bit ridiculous. Sometimes I wonder how we were blessed with this life and the wonderful world we have.

Oh my goodness! Giant boletes!!

Earthstar! Cool! I was shown this on the "mushroom tour", which I paid 10 cedar leaves to participate in!

Paxillus atrotomentosus. Remind me of fat chanterelles, but different, with furry brown stems.

Ooooh. Blobs. AKA Hoof fungus.

We didn't have time to look many of these up... no idea what this one is.

Tiny red, orange and yellow hygrocybe were everywhere!
Stump-and-stick art.

The enchanted glade. We spent a long time here, soaking up the beauty!

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