Tuesday, June 7, 2011

San Francisco!!

Drove into San Francisco on a foggy morning, just to be sure we had the full experience!!

So many people seem to bring up the Golden Gate Bridge in conversation. At least now we can nod knowingly instead of blankly!
First stop: Maritime Museum. The main gallery upstairs was under renovation, though.

As usual, Markus found something to study to help him make boat-building decisions.

Then we went out to the real boats, where we put the kids to work.

Hard work, but futile work, too.

...meanwhile back at the museum, some rather diminutive plastic sailors worked in perfect unison at their own job...
Then we walked down Haight Street,
filled Mama's shopping quota at Love of Ganesha,

had a snack at a lovely little cafe that was full of interesting books, and packed it in for the day.

Day 2: back to the Haight: visited some mural-creatures,

... ... ...
and eventually found ourselves in Golden Gate Park, having an up-close communion with our first palm tree.

Markus seems to find oaks wherever we go!

We hung around on Hippie Hill for a while, visited the playground, and eventually wound our way back out of the park, again.

We had lunch in the dunes while watching surfers and sand-movers coaxing the dunes off the Great Highway and back onto the beach. What makes the highway Great in San Francisco? We weren't sure. But obviously it must be.

So we took it back to Mill Valley again.

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