Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Oregon Coast

Today was my brother's birthday, and a loooong drive for us! But it was rewarding. We drove a few hours from Portland to the Oregon Dunes, and spent the new moon time under the sun (and some clouds), running in the surf and warm sand. We saw 3 pelicans fly by (very exciting!!), scooped handfuls of the billions of tiny shrimp that were surfing in the waves, rolled, built, kicked and ran in the sand, and became thoroughly drenched in time for our trip down to the Yurok Reservation for the next part of our trip.

We drove out to the Oregon Dunes, paid our park fees...

...climbed up on top of the dunes, past the snowy plover sanctuary, and looked back at the dunes and park.
Then we turned around and looked at the Pacific Ocean! (Click these panoramas to see a larger version.)
For some of us, the obvious thing to do was to run straight down into it.

Some of us were more inclined to collect souvenirs.
Some finds were rather less savoury.

And put to rest.

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  1. Makes me happy to know you are all having such a beautiful time... and therefore, I don't miss you. Well, okayyy.... maybe a little!! Love the photos, especially the one of Mama and Annie playing in the surf. Magic. xo


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