Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Hanging Out with Auntie Bree, Hannah, and Grandpa

Auntie Bree invited us to the house she was house-sitting and hang out for the day. It was so lovely to just relax, shed all the responsibilities of being at home, and enjoy a quiet (cold and sunny!) winter day. At some point in the afternoon the kids played xylophone (loudly!) until both Auntie Bree and Grandpa fell asleep. Then mayhem ensued as they and Hannah took the living room apart and built a super-fort. Then, after and during this mayhem, I went to get Markus from work and Bree made us a wonderful risotto with beef and kale for dinner. We dined like royalty. I am grateful for my family, this year. Grateful for the time to spend with all of them and grateful for their openness, too.

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