Friday, December 24, 2010

Giving and Receiving

We received little colour-in cards in the mail this year, with 3 crayons and pre-stamped, addressed envelopes to get them back to the children who will be spending this year at the Vancouver Children's Hospital. Because we have a far away friend who has spent more than half of the past year regularly staying in a Children's Hospital (leukemia), this idea really touched Taliesin and Rhiannon, (they also remember me sending a box of art supplies to our friends, to entertain them and the other patients at their Children's Hospital) and they worked hard to create something truly lovely for the unknown children who might receive their cards, in Vancouver, this week. After creating the things they'd thought of (the coloured card, a maze for entertainment, and some silly Christmas song lyrics), we were packing everything up and Tali noticed the enclosed paper, suggesting that any cheques would, of course, be appreciated. I explained that the Children's hospital was always in need of money to help the children, but that this year we had given money to other causes, and that the cards, love and happiness for the children might be all we could send. Tali said without hesitation "but I mean my money. I can send mine!" And I said, "Oh no - that's not necessary. They'll be so happy already with the things you've made for them." He looked totally downtrodden, and said bitterly "I can't anyway, because I don't have any cheques. I wish I had cheques." His concern and desire was so genuine I was moved to tears, and told him that I was sure it would be OK, in this case, to enclose a piece of his treasured paper money in a little envelope within the card. I found some little envelopes, and he pulled a 5 dollar bill out of his piggy bank and happily folded it into the envelope. He had one 5 dollar bill leftover. Then Rhiannon wanted to follow suit with her card! But alas, she had no paper money, so Tali gallantly agreed to trade her his remaining bill for $5 in change, and she included it with her card. Both children were so proud of their gift, and of course, so were we grownups.

Then it became time to celebrate friends. We've had some of the children's closest friends to visit this week, including Kai and Hunter, whom they haven't seen for about 6 months. It's been a wonderful few days, full of love and gratefulness. A bit of crankiness developing in the evenings since they've totally worn themselves out with all this visiting, but SO very worthwhile. This is the first year that both children have continued to behave beautifully throughout December. I, too, am blessed. Merry Christmas!

Making Christmas presents.

Tali's collection of things for an unknown child at the Children's Hospital. (Zoom in to read the song he made up; we thought it would be just fine to send some 8-year-old humour to entertain a like-minded soul at the hospital.)

Rhiannon packs up her newly-acquired paper money. The note she wrote on the card says '123 blast to home!' It was her way of wishing whichever child receives this what she imagines they most want: to go home from the hospital.

Showing Uncle her creations.

6 months away, and within a few minutes of being here, Kai drifted over the cupboard where, since he was very very little, this set of Zoomorphs has lived. "Um... do you still have that game of dinosaurs?" Well of course we do!! It's here for you!! I've asked Tal numerous times to just give it to you, and each time he refuses, claiming that he loves it... but he only plays with it when you're here. We're glad to have something here that you feel so at home with, dear Kai.

Hunter, on the other hand, seems always at home being crazy with Annie.

Speaking of being at home... Ethan was so comfortable at our house that he refused to eat the ham I'd made and said that he doesn't eat meat. Tali was rather disappointed that one of his dearest friends was choosing vegetarianism when he regularly declares himself a carnivore or 'meat-a-tarian', but Ethan did not waver in his conviction. Apparently he's been heading this direction for quite a while. I was honoured and pleased with the whole event.

Here, Rhiannon, Samantha and Katherine play babies, and dancing party...

...while Ryan and Tal create some inventions.

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  1. Let them know that during the week before Yule there were many children who were at the hospital with Alexa that had so much fun with the craft supplies you sent. Thank you again!



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