Saturday, October 12, 2013

Happy Harvest!

We'll have our bigger family Thanksgiving, tomorrow, but today we were harvesting so many lovely things from the garden that we had a little impromptu thanksgiving dinner with just the four of us!

Some squashes! Those in front and back are mystery hybrids. :-)
Putting the quinoa up to dry and cure. (Photo by Rhiannon)  We hang the quinoa (and herbs and other things that need drying) in pillow cases from hangers on our laundry rods in the living room. It works well, and makes the house smell lovely! Today I harvest the lemon verbena, which is nicely smelling up the house right now!!

Caution. Weird family in the house.

Picked from the garden, today: Corn, fingerling and small russet potatoes with parsley, baby carrots, kale, garlic, mystery volunteer hybrid squash with chutney (green and red tomatoes, apple, onions, and green fennel seeds).                                                                           Not from the garden: butter, olive oil, salt, apple cider vinegar and a little sugar.      YUM!!       

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