Saturday, June 18, 2011


Another day of driving -- 12 hours, in fact. But we started early with the intention of hiking around somewhere near Mt. Shasta, and what a good thing we did!!

Pit Bridge over Lake Shasta

We'd been driving for many hours the day before, watching Mt. Shasta in the distance. Finally we got close enough to see the ridges.

And Castle Crags.

And Black Butte! We'd seen it on Google Satellite, and this was one of our goals.

So we pulled into a garbage dump at the foot of it to have a look around.

Not quite pumice, but Tal was so excited about the tossable rocks that he collected a rather large one.

We grownups collected some enormous and rather lethal-seeming (should they fall on one's head) cones from a sugar pine.

Then we came to Weed. If you judged them by their most prominent tourist shop, Weed is all about pot-humour. But we found the real gem, a little further along: The Community Centre.

It's an open-plan building, with various shops and community facilities, with an assortment of people hanging out, doing what they do. This is Josh Kaufman. He asked about our car, and whether we'd like to see his art: it's a digital-kinetic fractal sculpture. Then he interviewed me for his project about personal religion, and we stood around talking for quite a while.

We wanted to collect some nice pumice, so Josh and a couple of others at the Community Centre directed us to a spot along the road, just a few miles out of town. Upon exiting the car, we were greeted by this enormous double sundog, shining over Mt. Shasta.

... and also by this tiny lizard, who seemed rather curious about us.

Heading out, we passed Table Rock, though this photo doesn't do it any justice.

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