Saturday, June 4, 2011


A bit tired from the grueling drive into Mendocino, yesterday and a MAMA interview today, we took a break to explore the sandstone and seashore of Mendocino.

We stood on the giant rock formations, watching some seals playing below... the beds of multiple seaweeds, some of which were the first giant kelp we've seen yet.

We explored the life on the rocks and in the tide-pools.
Turquoise limpets,

goose-neck barnacles,

Some other beachgoers had their cats with them. Some of the cats explored the beach; this one stayed home!
Cold and tired, we went back to our cabin at the Inn at Schoolhouse Creek where we made ourselves some hot pasta on our excellent little induction cooker. Phewf. Family jacuzzi in the cabin, and early to bed.

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  1. Hello!
    If you're not too busy, I was hoping some day within the next two weeks, you may want to do a short interview with me on your MATV initiative? I'm writing my thesis paper on how damaging TV is to children... families as a whole actually.
    I've always banned my daughter from TV. I have one... but it's used basically for her yoga video's and whatever else I've pre-screened... It's really just a big black decoration in the room.(haha)
    I just read your post though, and I strongly agree with your views on TV... so I'd like a quick one on one if possible!
    If this is something you might have time for, my email is
    Thank you!


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