Wednesday, June 8, 2011


We thought Seattle was the City of Bridges. Well it rather is. Seems to be a futuristic snarl of multi-level twisting ribbonous concrete, buildings poking up here and there as if they're fighting the freeways for space.

Well if Seattle is the city of Bridges, then the San Francisco Bay is the land of driving over water. Never mind the Golden Gate. It's nice, OK. But today I had a MAMA interview in Oakland, before we drove south, which necessitated traveling on 2 other bridges: the San Rafael and the San Mateo. Wow. We spent a lot of time driving over water. Miles and miles of driving over water.

Toward Richmond-San Rafael bridge.

IN Richmond-San Rafael bridge.

On the road that might as well be a bridge of it's own, on the way to the San Mateo Bridge. Yes that's right: you can't SEE the other side!

Finally reaching the San Mateo Bridge, which is nothing compared to the miles of water-skimming road we'd just traveled.

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