Sunday, April 20, 2014

life these days

Rhiannon made a trampoline for Mela
This is another photo dump. Our spring has been wonderfully busy, full of various activities at home, as well as Wild Art, circus school, homeschool field trip, visiting with friends, and... a puppy!! Kalea is not our puppy, exactly; she's my parents' little golden retriever baby, but we quite like to babysit and play with her, and you will probably see quite a few fluffy golden photos, from now on...
Tali got somebody's discarded (but functional) record player and has been experimenting ever since.

Both puppies and 9-year-olds LOVE to play in the mud!!

If you ever doubted that our home was once a trailer... now you know. Despite it's rather house-like features, it is still decorated with 2 steel trailer hitches! Markus is removing a sword fern from inside of one, here.

Sometimes Kalea's walks are rather slow...

We are building new garden beds on the east side of the house.

Ahh... what could be better than reading on a sunny day!

Well... if you are Tali you might just pretend it's raining...

Kalea thinks she helps with gardening, but... just like the merits of a sunny day, it's all a matter of perspective.

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