Tuesday, May 31, 2011

LIFE is Good Unschooling Conference: Day 4: Goodbye

The end of the conference was today - there was a hang-out at the nearby park, time spent reaffirming connections with all of our new friends, sun soaked up for the first time since getting here. I did a couple more MAMA interviews, but other than that it was just a day to relax and assimilate our experience.

Somebody brought sidewalk chalk.
He drew the bridge.

Tomorrow will be a dark moon; a day of taking stock, checking out Portland a little bit, packing up the car again, etc. Then on Wednesday with the new moon and my brother's birthday we're off for a loooooong drive, and eventually to interview some Yurok native mothers down in California.

But first we have to wipe down our car and attach our new bumper stickers!!!

Goodbye wonderful friends!


  1. We didn't meet at the conference I don;t think, but I did admire your vehicle. Can I ask what type of paint you used to paint it with? I might be doing that kind of project myself soon. Thanks! chasmyn AT gmail DOt com

  2. Hi! I do remember Kiernan from his movie-fame!
    We used Tremclad, which is a rust-paint. It comes in spray cans and variously-sized pots. I bought the pots because I like the hand-work look of brushed-on paint. I suspect that in the US there might be different brands available, but it's a basic oil-based rust-paint.


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