Friday, March 20, 2015

West Coast Adventure: Geocaching!

Rhiannon has been enjoying geocaching, lately, and this was the main thing she wanted to do on this trip. So we saw that there was supposedly a geocache on Radar Hill near Tofino, and went searching for it. It was supposedly underneath something, 1.5 metres from the corner of "the" platform. However... there are three platforms, and they each have many corners. Multiply those by the many directions one could fan out 1.5m, and you have a big search in front of you. Here are Rhiannon and Markus checking whether it might be 1.5m underneath one of the platforms.

Then, of course, you have some nice underneath platform photos, by Markus and Taliesin.

We never found the geocache, but the view was lovely, 

so we stayed for lunch.

Then we gave up looking for the geocache, and as you may have read earlier, we went looking for the crashed airplane in the bog. Truly, the airplane itself was a highlight (though outdone, in my opinion by the beautiful bog)... but as luck would have it, there was a surprise geocache inside the plane! Lucky Annie. She got a pair of scissors and left behind a die.

(Previous photo by Taliesin; this one is by Markus.)

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