Monday, March 23, 2015

The Wild Shores Guest House in Ucluelet

Basically, here's how it works: You park at the sign, drop your belongings in the house, and hurry to the beach!

That's Mary's log and stone house in the background. Suburbia disguised by wilderness.
Head down the trail and within about 30 seconds you'll find yourself in the Wild Pacific Cove. If it's high tide, walk around the shore; cross over to the little island if you can, and EXPLORE! If it's low tide, as it was when we arrived, EXPLORE!! Did I say explore?? Why yes I believe I did!! You might find you have a hard time getting back to unpack your stuff. You might find that other plans get pushed aside. you might even find, as we did, an excited Uncle waking everybody up with the sunrise on the first morning to go back out and EXPLORE!!!
I cannot tell you how diverse and beautiful the discoveries are in this little cove. From the whistle buoy and bell buoy to the sea lions barking and waves crashing, the auditory experience alone is something impressive. The sun's colourful displays over the course of the day are a wonderful backdrop for exploration, and what delights we discovered!! If tidepools are interesting to you, you will not be disappointed; if seaside plants and stunted trees delight you, you'll be thrilled, and if a good solid climb through brush and branches is what you need, you can find it on the island. This place really has everything.

Of course, at some point you are going to get cold, tired, and maybe wet, and you'll eventually go check out the house. The rooms are clean and spacious, the bath and electric fireplace are warm, the shelves are stocked with hot drink options, and everything is decorated with beach finds. The views from the rooms aren't amazing, but in my opinion are entirely made up for by the delights outside the door. The house we've been calling Mary's House, AKA the Wild Shores Guest House, is a perfect retreat for adventurers who want a clean, cosy space to curl up in after a day of exploring. And it appears to be one of the most affordable waterfront options, too.

Since we were obviously so taken by the natural discoveries we made, and since a photo is worth a thousand blog ramblings, I'm going to fill the rest of this review with photos. Enjoy!

The view from the south side of the island.

Wild Pacific Cove and the north side of the island at low tide.

...and again at high tide!

Uncle Adrian has a slightly severe bonsai habit.

I didn't take many good creature photos at this beach, but the crevices are full of chitons, snails (and what a variety!!) sea stars, urchins, anemones, hermit crabs and other delights.

And gooseneck barnacles!!

And tube worms!!

But why stop at plants and life that clings to rocks?? You could bring your boots and discover fish and crabs, too.

You might even find things you are completely unable to identify (suggestions welcome...).
Or just gorgeousness to wake up your senses in the morning.

In case you missed it, here is a link to the Wild Shores Guest House:

Disclaimer: I did receive a discount in exchange for this review, however I am scrupulously honest, and do not review establishments that disappoint me. Here are the simple ups and downs of the Wild Shores Guest House:

  • internet access spotty at best (this seems to be common in the area)
  • no ocean view (we didn't mind, though)
  • limited phone access (limited to dial only 911, 411, or the housekeeper's number)

  • THE BEACH!!! (I forgot to mention the opportunity for beach campfires!)
  • clean, warm, and well-appointed rooms
  • very spacious rooms
  • comfortable beds
  • lovely baths and bathrooms
  • reasonable cost, especially compared to other waterfronts
  • very private (it's self-check-in, too!)
  • the area is quiet and dark at night

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