Monday, May 9, 2011

Unschooling Family Adventure: Art Installation!!

We went to Port Townsend, WA, to install the MAMA Project at Fort Worden. It was our first trip family work-trip. We were hosted by some beautiful kindred spirits, Steve and Elaine, and, although we didn`t have much time to look around, we had a marvelous time, and came home feeling much richer in spirit.

We left on May 3rd, on the 5:30 ferry from home, were stopped, held up for an hour and searched at the border because the border agent said ``Why would you do art if you`re not making money!!`` Then we stopped in Burlington to pick up the donated wood for the stands (generously donated by Coast Lumber), and drove down Whidby Island to take the ferry to Port Townsend. We arrived at the installation space at 3, spent until very late at night setting up, while the kids entertained themselves very well and graciously.
Hello, USA!

Cutting the stand-components (it was extremely cold and windy out there on the balcony!)

First sheet to be hung, with the evening sun hitting it from behind.

The kids were EXTREMELY patient. They exhausted their supply of games & books soon, and just invented more...

...some of which were a bit difficult for adults to understand...
By 3PM the next day I had finished setting up the show (post about the MAMA Project, on my other blog, here)... (patient kids again), Markus worked remotely for the first 3 days from Steve and Elaine`s home, and then began the waiting for visitors. The promotion for the show was on the extreme minimalist side, and it took a loooong time for word of mouth to bring people in, so for the first 3 days I spend most of each day with the following as my view, while the kids explored the fort, together.

Then on the weekend things picked up and I became extremely busy, while Markus took the kids exploring. They had a fabulous time, and he`ll post about that shortly, since he`s the one with all the good photos from those days. The kids and Markus brought me beautiful flowers for the show, and on Sunday, which was Mothers` day, they showed up with, treasures, and a delicious lunch for me, too.

Then on Sunday evening, as soon as the show closed, we all got to work taking it down. It was a big job, but we worked hard, and managed to get it done sometime late at night (9, if my memory is correct). And when I say we worked hard, I mean everybody! The kids had incentive (getting out of there!) and really did their bit. It was the most enjoyable takedown I`ve done yet, working in joy and solidarity with my own kids.

...and then... we got up exceedingly early and went home.

Well not quite. We promised ourselves a beautiful adventure in Deception Pass on the way home, and that promise was fulfilled completely, as you`ll see in my next post (whenever I find time for it).

Goodbye, Port Townsend!

Hello Chetzemoka Ferry!

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