Sunday, May 29, 2011

LIFE is Good Unschooling Conference: Day 3

Part of the reason we're on this trip together is to find our beginning again. But a second beginning is never really the beginning again, is it? It's more like a renewal. Today we went to Jeff and Ginger Sabo's talk about partnership in unschooling. Specifically they talked about unschooling our spouses: how we can apply the same philosophy, compassion, and openness to our spouses. It was good to sit together, resting heads together, listening to two people who are on a similar journey to ours talk about how to make it work. We could only have benefited from this if we'd done enough work on ourselves to be able to understand the value of the discussion, and I guess we have, now. That's a good feeling, and this was a good thing to share before our intense family trip.

The drawbridge -- we took animation photos of this but it's going to take a loooong time to make the animation!

We also made some beautiful new friends. Spent a lot of time talking about homesteading, life, mothering, art, etc. Rhiannon made a friend named Rhiannon, and Tal says he liked most of the boys he met playing lego. There are people here from all over the States, as well as a few from Canada. Community. I went on about that yesterday, I know, so I won't continue...


The SuperMAMA concert had a pretty small audience, but seemed to be well-received by those who were there. A couple even went out part-way-through to bring their families in. But the best of all of course were the awesome unschooling musicians we encountered, here. One of our new friends is Rich McCloud, whose music is just soul-opening. Then in the evening there was a fabulous concert mostly by Amy Steinberg and Kimya Dawson. Totally impressed by the talent and intention of these people, but it's especially wonderful to me to come to this place where none of the art-making is just ego-driven; it's open. It's enriching. It's accepting. It's whole. It's for everybody. Here's the song we heard Rich sing last night:

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