Saturday, October 20, 2007

Visiting Grandparents, and Pink-Eye

Well because of a visit from our foe, Pink-Eye (recent offspring of the Pink Panther and GoldenEye), followed by, in Rhiannon's case, onset of sudden and severe cellulitis (photo), both children missed the entire week of school, and we are dealing with a very unfortunate round of antibiotics. Blech.

However, the absence was a little serendipitous, since they spent the entire time with visiting Gro╬▓pappa and Nana, from Victoria. We had a wonderful time, and even managed to take them to our monthly highlight: the Kitchen Junket! Even the children were full of calm energy and peaceful delight, last night, as we sung the night away with dear friends and family. When finally the kids got tired and asked to go home it was (to our total shock) 1 AM! Normally we last until 10; 11 at the latest... but 1 in the morning! And as we drove home, the kids were still awake enough to have a very thorough conversation about the fact that, although we call it morning, it's still dark, and we're still going to bed... When we got home they both happily suggested we might have a little play-time. We thought not! However, it was proof to us that there was certainly some beautiful energy flowing, last night! And what a wonder to be able to share it with Markus' parents, too!

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