Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Campaigning for The Nose Side

This is what we did all day: while Rhiannon was at preschool Mama made posters and Taliesin made a journal entry about our nose campaign. After picking her up, we went around the cove hanging up posters, had lunch and a rest, and then went off for four hours of campaigning, selling noses, etc, on the mainland. The ferry employees smiled back at us, and nobody once asked us to leave. There was none of the animosity I feared from the ferry employees, and I was grateful. I think both sides of this issue know that something has to change, and we're finding a positive, good-natured way of pushing that change. We had a busy but rewarding time, and Auntie Bree, Roberto, Hannah and Hermila even made it down to campaign with us. Great day!

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