Tuesday, August 5, 2014


That is what we shout to the world, after dancing together at the Rickshaw Masquerade. This was the 9th annual. It's an event that certainly comes with some preparation and sometimes I wonder if I'll be up for it... but it's so amazing and leaves us all with such a broad feeling of wellbeing, community and joy that we just can't help but keep on doing it.

This is our annual Lughnasadh party. It's by invitation only, but usually the group is between 50 and 90 people. We dress up in our masquerade finery, expressing our personalities or our creativity or our silliness, and we come together to share our homegrown and local food, to appreciate each other's company, and to dance and sing in another year of abundance in nourishment for our bodies and spirits.

I didn't take many photos this year, but my Dad and dear friend Linda did -- thank you both!

We are so grateful for our lives' gifts of love and joy!

spiral dance

let the sun keep burning

and the earth keep turning

holding hands

we will dance into the moonlight

let the green earth feed us

and cool water relieve us

singing free, joyfully

into the moonlight


lavender festival cakes

dress-up badminton  :-)

Bartender extraordinaire! "Come have a driiiiiink!!!" ... "You have to have a cup. And you have to write your own name on it. Would you like water or beer or my special water kefir?"

Adrian served up celery-mint slushies this year.

Some things are just inexplicable.

Good night beautiful world!

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