Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Water Kefir!

Thanks to Lisa Marie Bhattacharya, I now know how to make water kefir!
I've been using raw unrefined sugar, homegrown raspberries (from my mother in law!), and some lovely kefir grains from Lisa Marie. :-)) YUM!!!!

Raspberries, sugar and kefir grains been sitting in water for 2 days.
It's bottling day!!

Put the kefir grains to rest and feed in their little jar of yum.

Strain out the used-up raspberries.

Bottle for a day to develop CO2.



  1. Looks like you put the kefir grains in a pouch of some sort? What do you use ?
    Looks amazing!

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  3. Yes I do! It's one of those tall tea bags, usually used for loose tea. There are a few companies that make them, and the taller ones work better, because you can tie them off at the top.
    ...as recommended by Lisa Marie. :-)


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