Friday, November 1, 2013

How Halloween actually went...

we dyed Rhiannon's hair fuchsia on one side preparation for her individualized Melanie Martinez costume...

we went to our learning community's Halloween dance

carving pumpkins with some other homelearners

in our case, homegrown mystery squashes that were rather hard-shelled!

trick-or-treating at Opa and Nana's house, complete with little treat-filled ghosties hanging by the door

Tali's last-minute lightstickman costume


  1. Question... why are you IN the tub and Rihannon is not? lol I love Tal's lightstick costume!! I saw a video of a baby with that costume and it was so funny!!! Love Melanie Martinez, great costume!

  2. Ha ha. I was in the bathtub because the hair was in the bathtub, and I was tired of leaning over it. So I just got in with it!! (Wearing my painting clothes...) SOOOOOO much easier!!


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