Friday, September 20, 2013

Working Class Hero - John Lennon

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  1. OK, This video is interesting and has some good points...but...I have a problem with the "They" and "Them".

    I don't believe that we all exist in a society of programmed manipulation. I do believe we influnence each other with positive and negative outcomes. Sometimes purposely, mostly just as a part of our daily lives.

    One line says "They're all f'ing peasants". That's a clear double standard. Aren't we all peasants, working class and heros?
    John Lennon was a super star and to many people he is a hero. If he had a rough start, I'm sorry for him, but I don't think "they" are to blame. I think it's just hard work growing up.

    I can't blame "them" for the state of the world without complimenting "them" for the state of the world. They, We and He live(d) in a society of plenty and beauty of which we share very little with "them".

    (spell check doesn't work, sorry for my errors)


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