Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Wonderful Unschooling Moment

As registered year-round homelearners, our kids get certain student rates, and we often have to explain why we still use these discounts during the summer, when most kids aren't in school.

Today, as I was requesting our discount, a clerk said "oh, summer school, eh?"

To which I replied, "no, we're just unschoolers".

"Hey? Homeschoolers?"

"Well, yes, we're registered as homelearners, but in practice we're unschooling." I prepared for the usual sarcasm, bewilderment and/or disbelief.

Instead, the woman looked me in the eyes and said exactly this: "Unschooling? I've never heard of that. So it's like learning by experience or something?"

Yes. That is what she said.
I smiled, and said. "Yes. Exactly."

Of course she had the usual worries and fears about learning math and getting into university, but within less than a minute of conversation she was enthusiastically nodding her head and grinning. What a wonderful day! I love meeting people with open minds!!

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