Sunday, April 21, 2013

Wild Greens Season!

Nettle-picking at Bowen's biggest nettle area.
Of course there isn't really a "wild food season", because there are wild foods available all year round. But this is definitely the season to be out picking wild greens, and scoping out the health and whereabouts of those plants we'd like to use, later in the year.

I've been running Wild Food Walks this spring, as usual. They seem to get more popular every year. Recently we also went harvesting with my brother, Adrian... hence some photos.

There are many many wild spring greens we can eat, but I would have to say the top 10 -- those plants I take time to pick by the basketful -- are the following:
  • nettles
  • maple blossoms
  • cattail shoots
  • salmonberry shoots
  • siberian miner's lettuce
  • sheep sorrel
  • bitter cress (mustard)
  • dandelion petals
  • flowering currant blossoms
  • narrow-leaved plantain
Then of course there are also the wild teas available right now: douglas fir tip, pine needles, sequoia, and licorice root. Also a good time to harvest these en masse, dry them, and save them for teas throughout the year. (Burdock root, while excellent for tea/coffee, should have been harvested a month or so ago.)
Fresh plump maple blossoms -- chop them up and eat them as a salad with a sweet vinaigrette (or plain!)

Stinging nettles -- picked with gloved hands, nettles are wonderful dried for tea, or made into pesto, lasagna, or any other delight you can imagine with a spinach-like vegetable. We freeze as many as we can for later use.

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  1. Great to see that others are loving wild greens too! :-)
    Here in Germany everything is bursting into life and all those wild herbs are growing to be plugged and enjoyed. Wonderful!


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