Monday, January 21, 2013

The Good Life

The winter has been good to us, this year. Our lakes have become skate-able, and for some of us, this is one of the many definitions of joy

So today we drove out for the 7th straight day of skating. I think we've spent about 20 hours there in this past week, and I can see it on the children's glowing faces. 

When you find your community on a lake, sharing sticks and ice-chunk pucks, watching kids and adults take their first steps on frozen lake, and passing on the wisdom of how to keep safe -- this is what people mean when they say "the good life"!!

I am SO incredibly grateful for the life we have, the choices we've made, and the joy we know. And as we arrived this morning, people were at the lake playing with ice-chunks and inspecting the surface, and a couple of fathers brought their kids for a lake-ice experience!

Oh yeah! This is what skating feels like!

On the sunny days, before the skate-able parts were too roughed up, we could look down into the chilly lake to see the plant and insect life, and some other odd finds, like a step-ladder!
Ahhh... ice-tired. That gorgeous exhaustion that feels so incredibly happy!
Home for hot tea and some fireside activities.

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