Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Why we don't have cellphones, cordless phones, or WIFI in our home.

Or: What do colony collapse disorder, melatonin, sleeping disorders, cancer and other diseases have to do with electromagnetic radiation?

It hasn't always been this way, I used to park my baby-monitor beside my sleeping child, carry the other piece of it clipped to my waist, and walk about the house with our cordless phone, checking email while basking in the aura of our wireless router. I was only mildly irritated as I walked past the humming microwave, as it disrupted my phone-calls - even from outside the house behind the kitchen. I didn't have a cell-phone, but only because I consider them obnoxious and irritating, and like the freedom of not being reachable at all times!

I bathed my infants in a wash of electromagnetic field, 24 hours a day. And we're OK!!

BUT... it takes many years for the effects of EMF to become apparent, and even then, we have few means or desire to find the root causes of the problems, when the frequencies, sensitivity levels, and physiological effects vary so vastly in our environment and population.

RESONANCE: Beings Of Frequency
I just watched this movie because my son was interested, and, as it turns out, so was I! It's a thorough look at much of the scientific research and discourse that's gone on about electromagnetic radiation, and postulates on some of the most solid theories regarding our culture's immersion in it. Here is what I took from it, in the tightest nutshell I can squash it into:

  • The space between the earth and the ionosphere has an electromagnetic pulse of approx. (can't remember exactly) 10 hertz. Experiments have shown that when our bodies are deprived of this particular radiation, we suffer various ill-effects.
  • Cancer and other diseases are caused by free radicals in our bodies, which are a natural byproduct of mitosis (cell-reproduction) which happens every night while we're asleep.
  • When it senses darkness, (while we sleep), our pineal gland produces melatonin, which is a powerful antioxidant, that prevents the damage otherwise caused by the free-radicals.
  • The pineal gland can be easily limited in function by lack of sleep, and the interference of abnormal wave frequencies, including light and electromagnetic radiation.
  • Consequently, the ongoing lack of melatonin means that our bodies are not able to naturally avoid disease, as they normally would.

So... Watch the film!! It's a full-length documentary, but I must say it was absolutely enthralling. I learned a lot, and I presume so did my son.

Watch Resonance on Vimeo

We have for some time now lived with relatively little EMR in our home, having long ago gotten rid of our microwave and cordless phones, baby monitor, and most recently wireless internet. We fought the installation of a Smart Meter until the electrical company seemed to give up (cross fingers; we know they may still show up one of these months). So why have all of our health problems not miraculously dissolved? Because, as it takes 10 years for the ill-effects to fully develop, it may take even longer for them to go away. And we are, after all, still using electricity, and living in the shadow of various cell-phone towers. And we visit the big city quite regularly. But for now it's the best we can do. And I suppose the passing decades will show if this lifestyle has helped our prospects at all. If nothing else, it has made us happier.
The day I removed all electrical equipment from our bedroom, including the alarm clock, (replacing it with a tiny, single-battery-powered alarm), my sleeping problems were all but resolved. Instantly.

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  1. Thank you for writing this blog post. I contacted leading unschooler Jan Hunt of the Natural Child Project and she very easily denied my claims of EMF dangers to children. I should know because I developed my own severe illness after 2007 right after the wireless was installed at college and at home. So I really need more unschoolers out there who are going to give this reason for them to unschooled. We need more unschoolers on board with this because it's not just about parents begin closer with their children, how can they be close and unwittingly fry them and their children and their potential grandchildren too (leads to infertility). It's such a shame and I really wished they would bend to the reality, but the Hunts so support the mainstream media and whatever they say.


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