Monday, December 10, 2012

Similar Feelings in the Sea of Cortez

I've been having a difficult time expressing myself these past couple of years. I'm still persevering - yes - in the hopes that the spark will return, but the things I try to express are just lacking, especially in emotion. So thankfully my friend Suki is not having this problem, and her blog posts are totally beautiful to read. Also thankfully, she managed to express the emotion behind the "Into the Wild Without Me" post far better than I did, and I'm linking to it here, so you can enjoy it!!

I'm so grateful to live in the world with the friends I have, all of whom are powerful, courageous and brilliantly beautiful people. I became friends with Suki when we were both pregnant with our first children due to be born on the same day. They didn't make it out on the same day, of course, but they've had a surprisingly tight bond ever since, and subsequently so do their little sisters, also born a month apart. It's funny how, as parents, we seem then also to go through the same twists and turns at similar times, too, even though we've spent very few of the 10.8 years we've been parents living on the same piece of earth.

For those who haven't already read Suki's blog, it relates the adventures of a livaboard homeschooling family, currently sailing, diving, and living the sea of Cortez.

The Wet Edge Adventure by Suki Kaiser

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