Saturday, November 26, 2011

Consumerism, Children, and Mothers Against Television

Many of the people who arrive at this blog from Google searches are coming for the articles I once wrote, calling for Mothers Against TV: (read here)

The call was so controversial that I actually lost a good friend because of it, and I left it behind. However, I still meet people quite often who are either alarmed or thrilled that my kids don't watch TV; that they aren't aware of current trends and popular brands. So... just for those of you who came here for this information, watch the important documentary below (full-screen it, sit back, and make some non-GMO popcorn... ha).

And yes, my kids are happy, busy, and educated. When given the option to watch TV, one of them wanders off, and the other stares intently until the thing is turned off. However neither of them misses TV, advertising, malls, brands, or processed food in their daily lives. How have we achieved this? Simply by living it; by rejecting all forms of advertising in our children's lives: cartoons, Scholastic, TV, processed food, Fast Food Chains, popular (cheap plastic) toys like Barbie and Nintendo, video games, candy, and pop music. We just don't do it.

Of course we can't cut out everything, but we cut out most. And what we can't avoid, we can use as a teaching tool. Our kids have been made very aware of marketing in their world, and, especially for my 9-year-old, I don't think much gets by unnoticed.

Here's the movie:
Consuming Kids: The Commercialization of Childhood

This documentary contains a segment about screen violence that is EXTREMELY gory and upsetting. It is too much for me to watch, myself. I would NEVER show it to my children.


  1. it's not the TV that's the problem - it's the feeds. You don't shun you computer monitor, do you? we give our daughter a bit of tv time, but it's mostly of our own home videos (i record many of our family outings) or pre-recorded shows that we know are appropriate. so many great shows out there that are short, safe, educational, and inspiring all at the same time.

  2. THANK YOU! My hubby grew up without TV for most of his childhood and is an avid reader. With the DVD's (not TV) our kids watch it's completely obvious it affects them, from wanting everything they see (not satisfied with what they have and constantly planning for their next birthday party) to what they choose (always SOME character). The convenience of entertaining/distracting them with it is not so convenient later on and has a huge affect on their personalities.


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