Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Unschooling Movie


I watched it many years ago, before I knew what unschooling was, and then I thought it was a beautiful story of a brilliant boy who had to circumvent his parents' efforts at steering his life, because they just didn't understand. Tonight I watched it with my son. I was wracked with guilt at seeing the parents trying as I have to shape and direct their son, when really all he needed was to be left alone. At a bathroom break, my husband confirmed that it was a good thing we were watching this again. And throughout the movie, my son continually wiped tears from his eyes. At one point I wiped one off for him. He said it wasn't a tear; it must have been water from my finger. And I said "it's OK to be sad."
"I'm not sad!"
"Or happy..."
"I'm not happy!"
"OK then", I said, "but for whatever reason we sometimes feel emotional or just randomly find tears falling out, and it's OK. It's normal. You don't have to hide it".
I said then, "Do you just wish I'd shut up right now?"
He smiled. "Yes but not so rudely."

During the credits, I asked what everybody thought about the movie. Rhiannon said "nice!" and Tal said "it's so real."

This is one of those movies that we all need to watch. It says so much about acceptance and individuality, but mostly about parenting: our need to let our children be who they are in every moment.

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