Monday, September 20, 2010

the eating slugs blog

...or so I obviously should have named it. Looking at the tracker, today, I see that by far the most common reason for coming to this blog is as a result of searching for info on eating slugs. Second? Other slug-related searches. Third? It's a toss up between no-TV, consumerism, and unschooling. In all my time, I've made only the following slug-related posts:
Roasted Dusky Arion Slugs on my Feral Food blog
Fried Banana Slugs on this blog (read the comment section, too)

Really. That's it.

Hey! Slugs are important! They are even an important food source for snakes, birds, and some other animals... and we happen to have LOTS of them. But really I wasn't trying to create a slug website, here.

This begs the question: what do slugs have to do with unschooling?


Post on this, shortly.

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