Wednesday, January 8, 2014

What I've Been Doing

Not much posting happening here, you may have noticed... For the past couple of months I've been frantically busy finishing the work for, organizing, and installing my latest solo art exhibit. It opens tomorrow.

Here's a preview on my website:


  1. hello emily! :)'s taken me quite some time to comment on your beautiful blog here but here i go anyway.

    you don't know who i am...i'm just another sea of people on the interwebs. but i'm quite a fan of your blog. :) my name is gia. i'm 31 and live in NC in the USA. just me, the husband, and our four legged children. nice to virtually make your acquaintance finally :)

    back in 2007, i was scrolling through blogs and came across yours and decided to follow you. i've read everything you've posted and feel so drawn to you and your views and your family. you and your children are beautiful and sweet, and i just wanted to comment on here and say so xox
    i think tali is the most adorable boy i've ever seen. ^_^

    anyway i hope you don't mind my lurking about for years on end without a peep. i'm somewhat of an introvert, but i thought to myself 'hey, new year, new changes.'

    take care emily and best wishes to you and yours!

  2. Nice to virtually meet you, Gia! Thank you for your sweet comments. I think my kids are pretty wonderful, too. :-)
    Keep posting!


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