Monday, September 9, 2013

Parkinson's Walk

Yesterday we went to the annual Superwalk for Parkinson's. As usual we were entertained by the kids we had with us, and then returned to the house in North Van for some yummy brunch.

My sister Mischa volunteers for the society.

Walkety walkety walkety... L to R: Daddy/Grandpa, Mitch with Aiden in stroller, Mischa, unknown-purple-shirted walker!, Roberto, Rhiannon and Tali, Bree, baby Jack and Hermelita/Grandma. :-)

Gratuitous baby photo...

Mischa and Aiden

Would you like some funny-dancing entertainment??

Grandpa and Jack

Ooooh - it's the hall of tubular mirrors...

Ceperley playground is pretty cool.

Every family needs a good photo-bomber!

MacDonalds Advertisement...

Oh yeah - that was a fun morning; now time for hugging Grandma's leg...

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