Saturday, September 17, 2011

Is Unschooling For You?

I absolutely love this post by Radio Free School -- so much I added it to the sidebar!

If you've ever asked yourself this question, or are now wondering if you should.... go read it!!!


  1. Super! And, helps alleviate the minor guilt associated with the elder child missing the first six weeks of school!

    Vive la France!

  2. I think IPS is a wonderful school (heard lots from my brother about the whole camping group bum-sliding down a snowy hill on their descent from the ridge they camped on)... but the rest of the world is a wonderful school, too! Keep having fun! We're starting (F)unschool today without you, and will be expecting to be regaled by your stories when you join us again!!

  3. Thanks for this, Alexa was unschooled before I had to put her into ps for a few years. Not sure how I forgot unschooling and have been so stressed with her about *getting schooling done*.

    thanks for the shake ;)

  4. Delighted, Steph. Your one time photos of Alexa dancing through the forest in fairy-costume were part of what inspired me to come this far, myself. So thanks to you, too!!!


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