Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Remember that amazing pre-school-teaching mother I have? I've posted about her a few times, here. She's just retired, and the reason for the silence on this blog is that I'm about to host the biggest party of my life, in her honour (well -- except for weddings, of course... but this does rival a wedding). There will be over 70 people coming, many from far-off places. And there will be people who've been a part of her life from various points (and some all the way along) the past few decades. It's going to be beautiful. Like a reunion of caring, passionate people. And I'll post photos at some point.

But for now -- keep waiting! I'm nowhere near the end of my party-planning checklist!!!

But happy. :--)

PS: If you're reading this thinking "I know Lyn! Why didn't she invite me!?" It's not because you're not welcome - it's because I'm a scatterbrained sloppy party planner, and I either think I did invite you, or I just missed you! So yes -- please come. It's July 23. Email me and I'll give you the when and where, etc. :--)