Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Natural & Human History Walk

Today we walked over the highway and towards Fort Vancouver and the airfield... and we read about what we saw as we went! What could have been a mundane pedestrian overpass was instead linked to the National Historic Site of Fort Vancouver, and made into a natural and human history walk. Plants that are often stepped upon, or weeded out of private and public gardens are instead encouraged and labelled with informative signs, so that we can all learn the names, history, and uses of the flora we know so well. At viewpoints along the walk are names of the local First Nations groups, as well as historical paintings and descriptions of the history and use of the land and water below.

I was in favour of a National Park on Bowen Island, before, but this has given me a vision. If the park can include (say, along the dump-road, perhaps), some well-built, durable, and accurate signage (like the great sign at the causeway, currently) then it can be even more of a treasure for both islanders and visitors to learn about our own home in a way that I think most don't ever have the chance.

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